Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Phlebotomists and EMTs:
CPT Inc. is now approved by Department of Health Services (DHS) to
provide courses tailored to the phlebotomy profession that earn you
CEUs, or Continuing Education Units. These courses are six hours in
length and cover topics that are pertinent and relevant to the constantly
evolving phlebotomy field. Our classes are designed to be held in a one
day class session and can yield as much as 6 CEUs.

That's Right! In one session you get a total of 6 CEUs while learning
how to better hone your skills in the phlebotomy profession. Below is a
breakdown of the CEU awards:

A 6 hour class = 6 Continuing Education Units

Interested?  Want to learn more? We have a one day class (6
Hours) that will provide you with 6 CEUs. To enroll, just send us
an email, and we will enroll you in the next available class. The
cost is  $60.00 ($10.00 per unit) and can be in the form of a money
order, or cash.

Please make sure to bring a copy of your DHS C
ertificate to the
class session.

For directions and upcoming class dates please email us at

If you have any further questions or to sign up for a class, please email
us at:
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